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Namadji Ngambri Mingku
aka Shane Mortimer

2019 Speaker

  • Shane Mortimer on Twitter

In 2016 Shane Mortimer (Mingku) created an international legal precedent when he  was awarded an interlocutory injunction to stop the transfer of land title in the ACT based on his assertion of Allodial Title. Mingku’s allodial origins are in the Namadji  Nation Ngambri Country. The name Canberra derives from Ngambri. He was born in Sydney, which makes him indigenous to Sydney, although his allodial roots are Canberra. Shane has worked in international management in the corporate world in  Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, New Bremen/Ohio and Chicago/Ilinois as well as  Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.


After leaving international management, he produced radio commercials in Sydney, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Then he  worked as a publicist and producer of theatrical productions in Sydney. Over 20 years  ago fate brought Shane back to his allodial home, Canberra, to reside. He is  passionate about his ancestral connections to Ngambri country since the beginning of time.

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