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Become a SIETAR member now and receive:

  • Work, training and recruiting opportunities through our SIETAR network

  • Information about congresses, conferences, training days and social events – within SIETAR as well as the local and global intercultural community

  • Discounts on SIETAR events worldwide

  • Opportunities to participate in special-interest groups and task forces

  • A chance to share experiences, resources, and best practices


For our Australian members:


  • $90.00 AUD for the waged

  • $50.00 AUD for unwaged and students


For our New Zealand members:


  • $97.00 NZD for the waged

  • $54.00 NZD for unwaged and students


Your Membership fee is valid for one year.

For The Waged

Click Here

For the Unwaged

& Students

Click Here


  • Bring your ideas and energy - we can offer space for your creativity!

  • Contact us if you experience problems with cultural diversity

  • Offer to share your resources, ideas, research and best practices with experts

  • Contribute in any way to the building up of the intercultural profession; one that is dedicated to promoting real understanding among peoples in our globalised world

  • Our growing membership is important to us

  • We'd love to receive your comments, suggestions, and ideas

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