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My culture. Your culture. Our culture.

SIETAR Australasia's Inaugural Conference

The James Cook Institute
McGregor Rd, Smithfield, Queensland

16 - 18 October 2015

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Super Diversity and Multiculturalism.
Managing and understanding diversity and culture at home and abroad.


This inter-disciplinary conference included theoretical and practical contributions questioning all forms of multiculturalism from dance and art to indigenous cultural sovereignty.  


Our inaugural conference was about multiculturalism locally and globally. It's aim was to encourage and promote a deeper dialogue about multitudes of cultures co-existing without one dominating any of them. This is the ideal of multiculturalism we are aiming to explore in our conference: How to share without being subsumed.


We encouraged all our participants to explore these ideas, to demonstrate and to find new ways to unite cultures in their presentations, workshops, films, and other performing art mediums. We explored the notion of how we can all co-exist and share our different cultures, but without being subsumed into one another’s culture.



  1. Community and national identity

  2. Multiculturalism in the workplace

  3. Multicultural art in all forms

  4. Hybrid culture

  5. Multiculturalism and local culture

  6. Indigenous culture and multiculturalism

  7. Constructing multicultural identity

  8. Religion and multiculturalism

  9. Cohabiting in a global world

  10. Denial of local culture into global culture

  11. Symbols and culture

  12. Multiculturalism in your country

  13. Peace and multiculturalism

  14. Superdiversity

  15. Interfaith community and multiculturalism

  16. Multiculturalism between nations

  17. Multiculturalism and diplomacy

  18. Multiculturalism international relations

  19. Your culture and Multiculturalism

  20. Australia and Multiculturalism

  21. Australia and Islam

  22. Multiculturalism and the Australasia region

  23. Multiculturalism and global corporations

  24. Multiculturalism and branding: place branding

  25. Multiculturalism, tangible culture, intangible culture

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